New jewelry at Star Cat Books!

Natalie has been making chainmail bracelets for the store! The prices range from $22-25. All handmade, anodized aluminum, pewter clasp (nickel free).


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New books at Star Cat Books

New books came in today! As always, you can also order these online at our bookstore—linked on our front page here, on the right-hand column.



Yes, we have this in the store! #starcatbooks

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Sequel to The SheepOver. Now on our shelves! #starcatbooks

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New today! #starcatbooks

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More Customer Appreciation Days Sales!

This Fri & Sat more Customer Appreciation Sales! 20% off all used books, 15% off all new books & items. Free bubble bottles to everyone!

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Customer Appreciation Days

Get ready for our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY SALES this weekend (May 26-27) and the following (May 2-3), Fridays and Saturdays 11am-6pm.

Everything in the store will be discounted (15% for everything new, 20% for all used books). Check out our new tiny knitted & crocheted animals and our newest jewelry!

Note that we’ll be open late those days — until 6pm!

See you all there!

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Gardenhouse Studio going out of business in Bradford, VT

The very cool neighbor store to me on Main Street, Bradford, VT, is going out of business 2nd week of June. Watch for sales starting this upcoming Wednesday.

Gardenhouse Studio. I love everything in there. I’m going to miss the store and Peggy in particular.

Go give her business a fond farewell and buy lots of stuff! If you’re like me, you’ll always find something in there.

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Book presentation & signing: Sat., May 20, 4-6pm

Michelle Arnosky Sherburne will be presenting her newest book, Slavery and the Underground Railroad in New Hampshire, at Colatina Exit in Bradford, VT (upstairs), on Sat., May 20, 4-6pm.

Admission  is free. Books will be available for sale at the event and at Star Cat Books across the street from Colatina (we will be staying open late for your convenience).


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National Independent Bookstore Day

Independent bookstores are the heart of reading: we’re the ones who can recommend, encourage, and keep books in the community. Support us and keep us in business — whichever is your closest indie bookstore, go to it on Saturday and tell them you love them. Hang out, have a cookie, buy a book, strike up a conversation.
Why do we do what we do? It sure isn’t to get rich. It’s for the love of books. We know you love books, too. Come help us celebrate that!
See you on Saturday —
your friendly neighborhood book monger,
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It’s about time to remind everyone that you can order ANY BOOK IN PRINT from our website, and it will be shipped directly to your house with no shipping!

Support independent bookstores against the encroachment of behemoths like Amazon that are set to put us out of business. Besides, we have cats. Do they? 🙂

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We are offering a very unique book & ephemeron that goes with it:

A first edition (4th printing), 1942 of M.K. Fisher’s HOW TO COOK A WOLF along with what we believe to be a completely unique cookbook stand made for publicity purposes to go with the book’s release (see photos).

Because this is a first edition in FINE condition plus the cookbook stand is UNIQUE (we have found none other for sale, and experts in Fisher back this up with information it was probably made for publicity purposes — this is the only one we have EVER found in the marketplace), we are asking for $2,000 for both items together.

The first edition with a completely unique ephemeron is something you will never see again. Lovers of M.K. Fisher, lovers of books on cooking and philosophy of cooking (which she practically pioneered) should take a look at this opportunity.

We are raising money to keep Star Cat Books in business. This 1st edition and bookstand come from my own mother’s collection, and though it breaks my heart to sell them, needs must.

Book collectors take notice: We are the only ones who have this and you probably won’t see this again in your lifetime.

PLEASE SHARE THIS ON YOUR BLOG, TUMBLR, TWITTER, FB. We need to get the word about this as far and wide as possible in order to raise the money for the store.

wolf-bookholder3 wolf-bookholder2Wolf-bookholder1

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New, improved version of our first ad

Here’s a new, improved version of our first ad! Please distribute this wide & far, friends. We also need comments for input — we care about what you think!


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