Happy Birthday, STAR TREK!

A belated Happy Birthday to STAR TREK and a reminder that at Star Cat Books we have not just related Star Trek novels, we have original fanzines and other original materials from fans and cons.
All of those are posted to our online store at ABE:
While you’re there, look at our other collections!
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Public Service Announcement!

PSA time (again):

I found a box of books abandoned on the doorstep of the store again today. I’ve asked, nay, begged people DO NOT DO THIS. There are a number of reasons, not least:

(1) I cannot pick up such a box. You’ve guaranteed it will trip up customers trying to enter the store for the next week until my husband can get here to move it. Also, it will probably rain, and the books will be ruined.

(2) I have to go through the books to make sure they’re ones we can use. You then have to take away the ones we can’t use. We do not have dump privileges as I am not a resident of Bradford. We are not a dump, ourselves.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate donated books, freely given, but I keep asking people not to do this, and it keeps happening. I have clearly marked hours (Tues-Sat 11-6) on the door, on FB, on our website.

If in doubt, you can always call 802-222-5826.

Thank you.

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Shameless Plugging

It’s that time again to remind people that the only way indie bookstores stay in business is if you BUY from us. We can’t compete with Amazon or B&N if you choose to buy from them rather than help keep an indie in business: local businesses keep money in the local and US economy — the large chains and behemoths like Amazon and B&N do not.

That said, there are three ways to buy from us!

1. Come in! Browse! Hang out! Buy books! Order books!

2. Call/email to see if we have books in stock, and otherwise order them through us. We do this every day and are happy to. We don’t charge for book searches!

3. Order through our online store! Free ground shipping no matter how small or large your order. Just about every book in print plus CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and gifts. And, of course, hardcover and paperback books!

Please HELP US STAY IN BUSINESS. Consider buying through us instead of other companies online!

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Fall fundraising on the horizon – NEED IDEAS!

THOUGHTS NEEDED: We’re going to need to do another fundraiser/auction to get us through the winter season when sales drop to near zero. Last year during the fall we auctioned off specially signed Neil Gaiman books online.
This year, what would people like to see? I’m open to any and all suggestions. Anything from running an “old-fashioned” Indiegogo with giveaways to another auction with special signed books (if I know the author, like I did with Neil…).
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Come get your copies of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while they last! We only have a few copies, so hurry on in!

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Buy from us online!


A reminder to our friends & customers both near and far away: YOU CAN BUY BOOKS FROM US ONLINE!

Yes, you can avoid giving money to the behemoth online seller That Shall Not Be Named (so we don’t summon it inadvertently), and instead buy from a small independent bookstore’s online distribution center — just about everything in print is here, including audio, ebooks, DVDs, gifts, and more.

Ground shipping is free with no minimum!

Please consider buying from us. It’s been a slow summer here in VT for reasons no one up here understands. Perhaps the Summer People stayed home; perhaps they just didn’t come out shopping (it *has* been nice weather); perhaps they just didn’t want to spend money. But any way you cut it, we’re going to have problems going into the winter season with the low sales this summer. Help us out by buying from us online. We get a small cut of each purchase!

And if you’re interested in us researching for used books and getting those to you, we are ALWAYS there for you! Just comment here, send us a message, email us (starcatbooks@starcatbooks.com) or call the store.

Here’s where to buy the new books online:

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We will be open during road construction in Bradford next 2 weeks

Hello from STAR CAT BOOKS! We will be OPEN the next 2 weeks while Bradford’s Main Street undergoes grinding and repaving.

There will be no on-street parking for the next one and a half to two weeks — but there’s lots of parking behind the Merchant’s Bank (pretty close to us!) and more down by the gazebo.

We hope the paving project won’t put you off — please do stop by and let anybody who’s visiting you for the summer know that we’re here and open!

Best wishes for this lovely weather to continue!

your friendly neighborhood book monger

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Wednesday, June 15

Tomorrow, WEDNESDAY JUNE 15, I will be closed as I need to do some legal stuff regarding the assault on me in January.
Thanks for your understanding. We’ll be open again on Thursday, as usual!
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Back in Jan., I sustained a concussion from an assault. The concussion turned into what’s called post-concussion syndrome. I was supposed to take it easy about using a computer, being under bright lights, etc. I did for a month but then started up full-time work again in the bookstore.
However, I then developed symptoms of vertigo, nausea, headaches. I pushed through them for 4 months, because the store needed to be open.
But I had to close the store some days, because I was just too sick to open. And for that I apologize. I know some people were here, wanted me open, and I disappointed them.
I went the dr. finally when the symptoms got far, far worse, and she said I had started back to work without precautions far too soon (I should have taken it easy for 4-6 months, not 1 month), and so now I’m back to square one with the post-concussive syndrome.
I WILL have the store open. I WILL be working here. I may have my eyes closed when people aren’t in here, but I’ll be here. Every now and then if I’ve overdone it for a day, I’ll need to close the next day and rest. IF THAT HAPPENS, I will always notify you on FACEBOOK  and also on OUR WEBSITE.
Again, my apologies. I didn’t want this concussion, but there it is.
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Looking ahead in June

We will be having a couple of weekend sales right at the start of June!

Memorial Day weekend I’ll be open both Sunday & Monday (which isn’t the usual): sale on both days! 11am-6pm

And on Friday, June 3 & Saturday, June 4, Bradford VT will be having CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS: sales on both days: 11am-6pm

Plus the magician, James D. Macdonald, will appear at our store on Saturday, June 4 from 11am-6pm. Don’t miss him: he’s terrific!


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