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Our NEW ONLINE BOOKSTORE is available through Bookshop! All new books in print, audio books, and ebooks are there—shipped directly to you (or wherever you want!). Just go to www.bookshop.org/shop/Starcatbooks

We can also order a limited number of new or just about any used or antiquarian book for you & ship them to you.

We can also ship books we have stocked in our store to you.

We can also seek out books for you if you haven’t been able to find special or rare ones. Just ask!

Please write or call:

Star Cat Books
P.O. Box 924 / 157 Main Street
Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 222-5826

We take all major credit cards & PayPal, as well as personal checks.

You can also visit us on Abe Books. We suggest you search for books using the CATALOGS under our store there – it’s better organized than the “browse” feature.

Check back here on a regular basis and peruse the list at Abe, which includes our rare, antiquarian, local authors, or New England books we thought you may be interested in. Postage is not included in the price if we quote to you outside of Abe online, so please inquire.


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