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Sidewalk conversations

Cheers to the people who stopped on the LOVELY NEW SIDEWALK (did i mention how much I adore my new sidewalk?) outside the store today and struck up a conversation about censorship, based on the Banned Books Week windows at … Continue reading

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We have always been at war with Eastasia….

It’s national Banned Books Week — come into Star Cat Books and celebrate by buying and reading a banned book. You have thousands to choose from! You wouldn’t believe what sort of books have been banned. I mean … James … Continue reading

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Autumn is upon us — is winter coming?

It’s that time of year where the evening skies are like Maxfield Parrish paintings and the trees suddenly burst into color literally overnight. Driving to work this morning, I noticed the trees did literally turn color overnight — like a … Continue reading

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Engines of War, by George Mann

Just finished reading Engines of War, the new Doctor Who novel that’s being released on Sept 9, 2014. This is apparently going to be the one and only “War Doctor” novel, and while it has some overblown scenes and descriptions … Continue reading

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