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WE’RE STAR CAT BOOKS and we’re all about saving the world: one local, independent business at a time. One book at a time. One person at a time.

We’re in Bradford, VT, nestled in the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River, not far from Dartmouth College. This bookstore has existed in several incarnations for almost two decades, stoutly supported by a vibrant local economy and its peoples,  who are dedicated — as we are — to keeping independent businesses alive and well.

With the name change to “Star Cat Books” in the winter of 2013, we began specializing particularly in science fiction and children’s books, as well as local authors and a variety of other genres. We brought in more authors to speak, read, and sign their books; events with local businesses; events with local groups. The entire idea of our bookstore is that reading and literacy is at the foundation of civilization, and as such should be at the foundation of a community. Luckily, we have such a supportive community here in the Upper Valley, and we hope you join us sometime in experiencing it, too!

We’ve now been here a year, and what a year it’s been! The community has been so supportive and wonderful — I can’t say enough good things about the people of the Upper Valley and Bradford. We have extended our bookselling to the Internet: you can find some of our more exotic and rare books online at AbeBooks, and we’ll be offering them here, as well.

As for new books: you can order those anytime through us, and we’ll ship to anywhere in the world! Don’t forget to use us as your “local” bookstore wherever you live.

We hope you stop by and stay a while: kick up your feet, peruse our selection, and participate in some good conversation.

5 Responses to About us

  1. starcatbooks says:

    We would need to evaluate your book(s) to see if they are suitable for the store: a good fit or not. Have your publisher send us a sample copy to the address that’s on the website here and we can be in touch!

  2. Kim A Nasr says:

    Hi, I am the author of “Sammy Star’s Circus Adventure” and would love to have it considered there. I am also a business owner and opera singer (not famous or wealthy) so need to do other things to keep buying wine and cheese etc.
    The book is available thru Ingram – ISBN 978 164 111 3601
    Kim A Nasr

    • starcatbooks says:

      Hi Kim – this is probably the worst way to contact a bookstore! Or at least mine. Please write to me at starcatbooks@starcatbooks.com & give me all that information again. If you have sample pages, that would be great (I assume it’s illustrated?) plus the age-range for reading, since it’s a children’s book. Thanks! –Nancy

  3. K. Leigh says:

    Hello Star Cat Books, I have a question about getting CONSTELIS VOSS into your store. I know that indie bookstores are all about supporting new authors, marginalized authors and radical literature. This LGBTQ+ sci-fi trilogy has made its rounds through the queer community for its symbolism and humor, but I’m just not sure about connecting with bookstores. I wanted to know if you were open to finding space on your shelves?

    It’s easy to get copies of the CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy through Ingram, but if you would like me to send you a free sample first to pique your interest I am more than happy to do so! I’m also willing to send bookplates and even 5 paperbacks, if that’s simpler for your team.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this email, it means a lot!

    K. Leigh


    For more info about the series, visit the website and Amazon shelf.

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