Day 11 of 14: Neil Gaiman Signed Books Auction

With just 3 days to go (counting today), we have raised $2,325 in bids from generous fans of Neil Gaiman! WOOOOHOOOOOO!

We still need to reach our minimum goal of $3,000 to make it through this long Vermont winter, so please keep on bidding and more importantly, reblog and retweet this wherever you can. Write it on the backs of dirty trucks! Sky-write it!

You guys, I am so excited that this auction has been this successful so far. You’re so generous and wonderful about supporting a tiny independent bookstore. I want to give you all hugs (if you’re hugging sorts of people, that is).

Remember that the winners of each book now also get a permanent 20% discount when ordering either used or new books from our store. That’s a forever-discount! You just call or write in your order, and we’ll take your credit card or check and process it and send out the books when they come in. Voila! And you have saved yourself from the Amazon Beast and supported a little indie store in VT that Neil supports, instead. What could be better?

Another reminder: People have asked if they can donate to the store if they don’t want to bid on a book. YES, YOU CAN!

  1. Click on the Donate button that’s on the right-hand column of the front page of — that will take you to our PayPal donation area.
  2. Go to our YouCaring page, which was set up to prevent eviction and raise money for our back rent. It’s still active and still needs vital funds.
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