Ever wished you worked in a bookstore?

Have you ever wished you worked in a bookstore?

Star Cat Books has an opening for Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting immediately. 

We need someone with a strong retail background, not afraid to converse with customers about books and just about anything else, can hand-sell, has a strong background in books and literature, is aware we’re going into the throes of the Christmas season, can do extra days during December (I’ll be there Sundays and Mondays for December & company is always appreciated!). A background in books is a big plus: we specialize in children’s, YA, and science fiction, but sell every genre in both new and used books. Must be a reader. Cannot be highly allergic to dust or cats.

Duties include light cleaning, keeping my beautiful but often neglected plants watered, reminding me when my phone’s alarms go off (yes, this seems redundant but isn’t), reading Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) during quiet times to help us decide on book ordering, making sure my bookstore-cat-in-training (Wesley) knows he’s loved.

This position will continue throughout the new year and isn’t just for the holidays.

Artistic prowess a big plus (we create chalkboard signs every few weeks).

Payment is on a hourly contractor basis via Square Team. Perks include free coffee (Melitta drip – your mug), a cute kitten (soon to be cat), discount on books purchased at the store, you don’t have to get up at dawn (store opens at 10am), laidback boss (or so I’m told).

CONTACT: starcatbooks@starcatbooks.com or call 802-222-5826

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