Help save the Fairlee Motel & Drive-In

Fairlee Motel & Drive-in is in their very last days for their Kickstarter — ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO !!

I personally feel this is a very important cause to back — it’s one of only TWO drive-in/motels left in the entire United States. Plus, they’re a really cool family running it themselves, as well as running a full-time farm that even supplies the meat for the drive-in’s snack shack burgers (and those burgers are ~good~!)

Most importantly, this is a community-based enterprise, serving the Upper Valley, which is a microcosm of fiercely community-oriented people, who all support each other and support small businesses. But there are only so many people up here to help with the drive-in’s Kickstarter. That new digital projector, which they must have from now on to show movies — as the industry has gone entirely digital — runs $70,000 alone. And then there’s the sound. And the climate control for the booth. The list goes on.

They’ve raised a lot on their own, but this is when the WORLD COMMUNITY needs to kick in their share to save this part of endangered Americana, plus a ~needed~ community-based, local small business that our people depend on for family entertainment, community bonding, and memories that go back (and on) for generations.

I’m asking my friends from far and wide (you know who you are) who know people who know people who know people … to spread the word.

Best way to help: BE A MATCHING DONOR. Of any amount. Write to the Fairlee Motel & Drive-in (via their Kickstarter page — linked below), and pledge any amount so others can double their own donation. Pledge $50? That turns into $100 for the drive-in. Imagine if only 100 people pledge a $100 matching pledge: That’s $10,000 for Fairlee if we get the people to donate $100 themselves for the match.

Matching donors are proven to WORK for Kickstarter campaigns. I had a matching donor in my last days for the Star Cat Books campaign, and ended up $2k over my goal.

Pass the word to EVERYONE you know and tell them to pass on the word. Keep it going and we’ll go ’round the globe (hell, I had a bunch of Aussie donors to my campaign!). Ask them to be matching donors of any amount — TODAY.

The clock is ticking. ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO !!

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