New catalogued books: weird, blast-from-the-past, gorgeous, great gifts

I’ve catalogued some books today at the store that may be of interest to some of you.

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Here are some of the books I thought might interest y’all the most today. It’s an eclectic mix, to be sure! Some are just plain weird, some a blast from the past, some just plain lovely antiquarians, and some As New fabulous finds.



DUNGEON: Parade, Vol. 1: A Dungeon Too Many, by Joann Sear, Lewis Tronheim, and Manu Larcenet.
This is the first printing English language translation (NVM Publishing) of the 2007 French comic. Condition is VG. Front cover gutter shows crease from reading. One page has had a corner turned down. On the first inside page there is a sticker from Children’s Literacy Foundation, but it has not been signed. Otherwise this volume is in great condition.
$14 plus shipping.


A Child’s Garden of Grass: The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users, Margolis, Jack S.; Clorfene, Richard. Pocket Books: 1975.
This is the third and final revision to the classic handbook for those considering (or wishing to improve) the use of marijuana, originally printed by Contact Books. As a result this contains updates to laws and penalties as listed by NORML in 1974. Full of good humor and unexpected use of poems from Robert Louis Stevenson, this will make entertaining reading even for those who are not under the influence. There is light wear at the base of the spine, but the cover is otherwise clean and still shiny. The pages are tight and show only light yellowing due to age. A half-inch strip of the top of the first page facing the cover has been torn out, possibly to remove the name of a past owner. Otherwise the pages are unmarked. This is a great copy of drug-culture history, and a fine value when other copies are listed in the hundreds of dollars.
$30 plus shipping.

Miggles, The Idyle of Red Gulch, Her Letter: Reprinted from the Standard Library Edition, Harte, Bret. Houghton Mifflin: 1898.
1st reprint. Stapled pamphlet. Fine condition. Very good condition – a slight fading towards spine end due to shelving. Otherwise appears to have never been read or handled. Pagination seems to vary as the reprint probably took different signatures of the original book and didn’t fix the page numbers for this volume.
$50 plus shipping.



The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer and Also Rendered New by Lieuen Adkins ,; Chaucer, Geoffrey; Adkins, Lieuan. Bellerophon Press: 1973.
This is a very special edition coloring book from Bellerophon Press, which did a series of of the Canterbury Tales in the 1970s. It combines the Middle English of Geoffrey Chaucer with a modern English translation, heavily colored by the language of the early 1970s, which is remarkably faithful to the original text. These are embellished with many illustrations from the pen of Gilbert Shelton, far better known for such underground comics as Fat Freddy’s Cat, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Warthog, and beyond. The result is not quite high literature, and not something to give to a small child for distraction, but this seems quite appropriate to the subject matter of this, one of the bawdiest of the original Canterbury Tales. It is a remarkable piece of cultural history, for both the 1390s and the 1970s. The book was not paginated. It is staple bound. After more than forty years there are signs of wear, but there are only minimal crease marks on the cover. The binding is tight. All pages are present, unstained, and unmarked. Even discoloration due to age is minimal. Book is oversized, so additional postage might be required despite its light weight.
$15.00 plus shipping.




A Wonder Book of Old Romance, Denton, Harvey. Frederick A. Stokes: 1907. Illustrated by A. G. Walker Sculptor. SOLD
US 1st edition of this UK publication, red boards with extensive gold gilt across front and spine. In good to very good condition with wear to cover, slightly loosening spine. Illustrations throughout; frontispiece and its tissue intact. Owner’s signature and date on inside board dated 1911.
$25 plus shipping.


Baseball: An Illustrated History. Ward, Geoffrey C.; Burns, Ken. Knopf: 1994. Softcover. As new. 1st ed.
This is a spectacular copy of the stated first edition (inferred first printing) of the 1994 Knopf oversized trade edition of Baseball: An Illustrated History. It is listed As New only because it is 21 years old. It is in pristine condition, with no marks, damage, or evidence it has been read. This volume would be a perfect gift for a lover of baseball who is also a devotee of Ken Burns’ documentaries. Due to large size and weight, this book may require added postage.
$90 plus shipping.


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