We’re Making an Online Bookstore!

Poll for Online Bookstore: Star Cat Books

We need your input re this online bookstore. Please take part in the poll below: it’s critical for us to find out what you want in an online bookstore.

We’re not out to make a buck selling books online: we’re out to give you a different option to buying from the Amazons of the world. Each discounted level gives us less money, but we want you to have a chance to buy new books from an indie bookstore.

There are 3 options for us:

1. No discount to you, the buyer, but you get free shipping.

2. 20% discount on books (a bit lower on ebooks and CDs/DVDs), but you pay for shipping (3 options for shipping, like Amazon).

3. Competitive pricing against Amazon, and you pay for shipping again.

The poll is below, please, please participate!

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