ARCs Ahoy!


We just got in a boatload of ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) from the American Booksellers Association. Most of these books won’t be out until January or even March 2016.

I don’t have time to read them all (though there are a few I have my eyes on to skim to see if we want to carry them in the store), but I don’t have time to read them all to see if we want to carry them.

Here’s the deal: If you want to read one of these (I’ll have them on the coffee table, set aside), you can “check one out” like in the library, have a great read, but my one caveat is I’d like a review from you. It can be a short one paragraph. It can be pages and pages. It’s all up to you. But I’d like to know what you thought of the book, good or ill.

Sound good? Free reads on books that aren’t out there yet, and you get to write a review! We’ll even publish the review if we have your permission!

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