So we’re up to Day 8 of the Neil Gaiman Signed Books auction to raise money to get Star Cat Books through the harsh Vermont winter, and maybe some spare to pay bills for more new books for the store (it’s in transition from just used books to being eventually 50/50 new and used!).

And we’re up to $2,145 of our minimum needed of $3,000 !!

I am so stoked I can barely sit still. Really. My assistant isn’t sure what to make of me.

Now that we’re at just past the halfway point I WANT TO RAISE THE STAKES BY OFFERING ANOTHER INCENTIVE.

The winner of each book of the auction will be getting a special bookmark with it that gives you a PERMANENT 20% OFF ALL DIRECT ORDERS THROUGH STAR CAT BOOKS. That’s lifetime. Forever. As long as the store exists kind of thing.

I can’t, unfortunately, make the fancy online system do discounts, but if you call or write the store (802-222-5826 in the US, or write to with your order, I will ring that in as a credit card or check order and do the discount directly. And ship the books out to you either by Priority or Book Rate, your choice.

How does that sound for sweetening the pot, folks?

Bid, bid, bid! Also, reblog, reblog, reblog! I need people to know about this new offer on the bids!’

Auction is at:

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