Back in Jan., I sustained a concussion from an assault. The concussion turned into what’s called post-concussion syndrome. I was supposed to take it easy about using a computer, being under bright lights, etc. I did for a month but then started up full-time work again in the bookstore.
However, I then developed symptoms of vertigo, nausea, headaches. I pushed through them for 4 months, because the store needed to be open.
But I had to close the store some days, because I was just too sick to open. And for that I apologize. I know some people were here, wanted me open, and I disappointed them.
I went the dr. finally when the symptoms got far, far worse, and she said I had started back to work without precautions far too soon (I should have taken it easy for 4-6 months, not 1 month), and so now I’m back to square one with the post-concussive syndrome.
I WILL have the store open. I WILL be working here. I may have my eyes closed when people aren’t in here, but I’ll be here. Every now and then if I’ve overdone it for a day, I’ll need to close the next day and rest. IF THAT HAPPENS, I will always notify you on FACEBOOK  and also on OUR WEBSITE.
Again, my apologies. I didn’t want this concussion, but there it is.
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