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A reminder to our friends & customers both near and far away: YOU CAN BUY BOOKS FROM US ONLINE!

Yes, you can avoid giving money to the behemoth online seller That Shall Not Be Named (so we don’t summon it inadvertently), and instead buy from a small independent bookstore’s online distribution center — just about everything in print is here, including audio, ebooks, DVDs, gifts, and more.

Ground shipping is free with no minimum!

Please consider buying from us. It’s been a slow summer here in VT for reasons no one up here understands. Perhaps the Summer People stayed home; perhaps they just didn’t come out shopping (it *has* been nice weather); perhaps they just didn’t want to spend money. But any way you cut it, we’re going to have problems going into the winter season with the low sales this summer. Help us out by buying from us online. We get a small cut of each purchase!

And if you’re interested in us researching for used books and getting those to you, we are ALWAYS there for you! Just comment here, send us a message, email us ( or call the store.

Here’s where to buy the new books online:

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