End of Auction Instructions

The auctions are ending in a staggered fashion. WATCH YOUR AUCTION TIMER TO SEE IF YOUR AUCTION IS ENDING SOON. You may be outbid at the last minute — be sure to pay attention to your email for outbid notices.


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, you will get an email to YOUR PAYPAYL EMAIL ADDRESS with an invoice for the book(s) you won. We rely on on, on the honor system, to pay your invoice in a timely manner. Check you SPAM box for the mail, too.

Books will be sent via Book Rate in the US and via International First Class to overseas and Canadian winners.

All winners receive a special bookmark that gives them a permanent 20% off all purchases of in-store books and ordered used books from us. Unfortunately, we have no control over the website bookstore as it’s through a third party, and we can’t discount there (we hope one day they’ll let us do coupons, but that’s in the far future). In the meantime, that discount applies for life, for all books in the store and all used books we order in for you and ship to you (which goes without saying).

And of course, if you ever visit us, the coffee and little cakes are on me!

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