Small Business Saturday 2019

Small Business Saturday 2019 is almost here: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 30!

We will be hosting author DEAN WHITLOCK, who will be reading from and talking about his brand-new book The Arrow Rune starting at 2pm.

Ed Lewis is sick of being dragged to Medieval Faires, sick of helping his uncle make bows, of minding the store, of translating his mute mother’s sign language as she reads runes for the faire-goers. Only one thing makes him come this time, a chance to impress a certain young woman by winning the archery tournament. Then he discovers an ancient, rune-marked arrowhead tucked in his bedroll. Embarrassed by losing the tournament, he buries himself in making an arrow for his find. What he creates is a gate-key to another world locked in battle between his mother’s people and a Briton war chief and druid witch. It’s the world where his father was lost, where mad harpers pluck illusions from their tunes, and Beowulf’s saga is fresh and real. Facing magic and war, Ed finds that skill, wit, friendship, and a healthy dose of fear will solve riddles that reveal the true nature of life and death.

~ ~ ~

ALL DAY we will be having a store-wide SALE:

~ 10% off all new books & items
~ 15% off all used books
~ specially discounted books & items for sale

Don’t forget to check out our ongoing “Green Dot Sale” for specially marked children’s books: $10 for 15 books

, $5 for 7 books, or 75 cents each.

We look forward to seeing you all here!

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