Bridge to Bat City, by Ernest Cline, illustrations by Mishka Westell. Little Brown, 308 pp., hardcover $17.99, publication date April 2024. Ages 8 to 12.

Review by Mae Vincent 10/28/23

Bridge to Bat City is a fun adventure about a girl named Opal who loses her mom and moves in with her uncle. The pair end up befriending a colony of bats and working throughout the story to find a safe place for them to live. 

I really liked the book, it was emotional, funny, and entertaining. There isn’t a dull moment and it’s hard to put down. I think kids age 8 to 12 would really appreciate this book but it’s a good story for all ages. The art in the book is also very cool. Lastly it’s educational with information about the history of music and bats in Austin, Texas. 

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