Star Cat Books needs your help! We want (so much!) to be part of James Patterson’s second round of grants to independent bookstores!

To help us out is easy. Go to his website (linked below) and let him know you shop with us, know us, and want us to get the grant. Feel free to leave information about the store in the box that asks for its address (just write a little paragraph about how stupendous we are and how our children’s section is terrific — and how we are working hard at improving it constantly!).

Tell all your friends. We need lots of recommendations to get this going!

We need to make this go viral, folks! Pass it along to EVERYONE you know who supports indie bookstores, who loves reading, who loves books.

We just acquired a lot of antiquarian and new books through a local store going out of the book business to shift their aim towards their gifts and local crafts instead. Because of this, we have the opportunity to expand our children’s, YA, and antiquarian books and make Star Cat Books into an even more viable, cool store and destination in the Upper Valley, but need the funds to begin this.

Help us make this a reality via Patterson’s grants. Write now. Pass the news widely!

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