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Have you all (on our mailing list) been getting the special Star Cat Books edition of Shelf Awareness? Are you enjoying it? What part(s) of it do you (1) like, (2) dislike? Let us know!! Without your input, we don’t know what you think!

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We had an exciting day at the store here yesterday: a camera crew from a local VT TV station came by, interviewing my husband (who was manning the store for the day) about the town of Bradford. Apparently Bradford has been ranked “the safest town in (some poll of) municipalities for the state of Vermont.” Why did we think it was so safe? We had the same answer that apparently most of the people asked by the camera crew: “Our sense of community. Our dedication to community.”

I love this town. And it’s being recognized as special across VT! How cool is that?!


Our very own VT poet Jerry Johnson (who appeared at the bookstore for a special event just recently) showed up in the current Vermont magazine! His schoolhouse (which is tres cool, and I’m so jealous of) is featured in the new issue, which just happens to be for sale at the bookstore starting today. We only have so many copies, so come get them while they last. They even have a poem by Jerry in the article!

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