Auction to benefit bookstore: Signed books by NEIL GAIMAN


Auction to benefit Star Cat Books with Neil Gaiman books …

… is still going to happen. I have almost all of the books both I wanted and you guys suggested now;  I’m waiting on Vertigo to get back to me about donating a set of the two Complete Sandman (light candles, drum, pray that they will!), and then I just have to send off the books to Neil to have them signed.

Then I can start up the auction! It will be held at the website:

All proceeds will be going to keeping this little bookstore running: we specialize in science fiction & children’s books and are fanatically dedicated to our community both here in VT/NH and around the world; we want to give you guys the opportunity to support indie bookstores rather than the Amazons of the world. And yes, we ship worldwide, both used and new books—just about anything both in and out of print.

Read our About Us at for more about the store, where I wax rhapsodic about how this area fiercely supports independent businesses (and it does! it’s so fantastic around here!) and how this is such a perfect area for a bookstore of this kind.

But this winter was a BAD one for us all. All you had to know is while Boston got slammed with over 40″ of snow, it was (literally) 40 degrees BELOW ZERO F (during the day) for weeks at a time up here (we’re up by Dartmouth College, in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of VT/NH). The cold continued through April. Which means basically from after Christmas until the Summer People started coming in June, we were short on custom. We are pretty sure this was a freak winter (this next one is predicted to be mild), and with an infusion of funds from this auction, we should make it just fine. This summer, for instance, is doing normal business—hurray for Summer People!

But if you want to view this two ways, you win both ways by bidding in our upcoming auction:

  1. Cool, signed Neil Gaiman books to bid on (win!)
  2. Support an indie bookstore that Neil supports (win!)

Finally, follow here  on our website, as well as on Tumblr (starcatbooks), on Facebook (starcatbooks), and on Twitter  (starcatbooks) to learn more about the auction as we go forward.

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