Update on Neil Gaiman Signed Books Auction to benefit Star Cat Books



All the books for the Neil Gaiman signed books auction to benefit Star Cat Books are in my hands now. All signed!

I’m at home today, and tomorrow I’ll photograph them and get the auction software addon set up (it’s finicky, but I think I have it figured out), then I have to set up each book on a separate page so my ISP can make clones so when we do the auction itself we don’t blow up their servers.

Because there will be SO MANY PEOPLE BIDDING. Right?

Right. There will be.

More forthwith when I have a start date, and I hope I can get a message through to Neil so he can reblog and get out all the fans from Tumblr. In the meantime, you guys reblog, eh? I’m looking at next week for my start date (depending on how fast the ISP can set things up on their end, and a US holiday soon) and the auction will run for 2 weeks.

I’m so excited!!

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