Small Business Saturday!


We will, of course, be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) this week and will open at NOON on Friday of Black Friday, because we’ll be:

(1) recovering from Thanksgiving (your little woman at home who cooks and cleans up Thanksgiving? that’s me in my house!), and

(2) we will be setting up for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY SALE on this Saturday!

Don’t forget to come support your local businesses on Saturday for holiday shopping. I know y’all love Black Friday, but Saturday is much, much more important. You’ll be supporting local businesses who need holiday sales to make it through the winter.

We’ll be having a sale of:

  • 20% off all used books
  • 15% off all new books and items

Plus loads of holiday music, cookies, and cider. Come on down and celebrate the local community (and economy) with us!

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