We are offering a very unique book & ephemeron that goes with it:

A first edition (4th printing), 1942 of M.K. Fisher’s HOW TO COOK A WOLF along with what we believe to be a completely unique cookbook stand made for publicity purposes to go with the book’s release (see photos).

Because this is a first edition in FINE condition plus the cookbook stand is UNIQUE (we have found none other for sale, and experts in Fisher back this up with information it was probably made for publicity purposes — this is the only one we have EVER found in the marketplace)

, we are asking for $2,000 for both items together.

The first edition with a completely unique ephemeron is something you will never see again. Lovers of M.K. Fisher, lovers of books on cooking and philosophy of cooking (which she practically pioneered) should take a look at this opportunity.

We are raising money to keep Star Cat Books in business. This 1st edition and bookstand come from my own mother’s collection, and though it breaks my heart to sell them, needs must.

Book collectors take notice: We are the only ones who have this and you probably won’t see this again in your lifetime.

PLEASE SHARE THIS ON YOUR BLOG, TUMBLR, TWITTER, FB. We need to get the word about this as far and wide as possible in order to raise the money for the store.

wolf-bookholder3 wolf-bookholder2Wolf-bookholder1

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