Welcome NIFT shoppers!

Welcome to our new and old NIFT shoppers! So far 67 of you have signed up for NIFT gift cards for our bookstore, worth up to $30 each. We’re excited to introduce you to our store and to our neighborhood!

Want to know what NIFT is? Think of it as a gift card, but it’s offered by the state of Vermont to promote local small businesses. Sign up at https://www.gonift.com (bottom of the page) and follow the directions they send you to pick the store(s) you want a gift card for. We hope you’ll pick ours!

What does it cost you? NOTHING. These are free gift cards sponsored by the state through a grant to lift small businesses out of the pandemic. If you like your experience with us

Compra Levaquin Online

, we hope you’ll leave a good review on the app or website for NIFT after shopping with us. And that you’ll sign up for more local stores.

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