Independent Bookstore Day, April 24


The last Saturday of April, the 24th, is National Independent Bookstore Day, where we celebrate independent bookstores across the US and encourage readers to support their local stores.

To celebrate April 24th, STAR CAT BOOKS of Bradford, VT, will have a special 20% off sale of ALL used books in the store.

Plus, we’ll be having a “blind date with a book” special giveaway of dozens of books cleverly disguised with craft paper with hints of what the book may be written on the outside. For instance, the children’s book Hop On Pop may say, “Jump on daddy!” We’ll have children’s books, romance, mystery, classics … all sorts of books for you to pick for a blind date! All free! One per person, please.

Come for your “blind date” free book and the 20% off sale and stay for the celebration. It should be wild! Make your local independent bookstore YOUR bookstore. Shop local. Stay local.

Star Cat Books

157 Main Street

, Bradford, VT (across from Colatina Exit restaurant)


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