Independent Bookstore Day: Sat. April 29

Independent Bookstore Day is next Saturday (April 29), just like every year. And every year we have an event, sales, fun for kids and adults — and this year you won’t be disappointed! Come see what surprises we have in store for you & peruse the hundreds of new and used books we’ve added to our stock in the last few weeks. Total stock? Over 35k books.

Come to THE event of the year at Star Cat Books and help us celebrate independent bookselling. Indies are: stores where the workers know your name; stores where we know what you like to read; stores where we can individually and personally recommend books; stores where you find new treasures every time you enter because we stock what you like, what you want to find, what you didn’t even *know* you wanted to find.

Saturday April 29, 2023
10am – 5pm
157 Main Street
Bradford, VT 05033 /
Facebook, Mastodon, Twitter, Instagram: starcatbooks


Voted 1 of 62 best Indie Bookstores in the World by Atlas Obscura
Voted 1 of Top 6 Best Science Fiction Bookstores in the US

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