Ever Dream of Working in a Bookstore?

Have you dreamed of working in a bookstore?

We’re looking for 1 self-motivated person who loves books, preferably is conversant with science fiction & fantasy, loves children’s and YA books, loves working with the public. We need someone who can help water my thirsty plants, help keep an increasingly forgetful bookstore owner on schedule, do some light “house”-keeping, shelve books, learn the trade of evaluating used & antiquarian books, be willing to read Advanced Reading Copies of books coming out.

We need someone Tuesdays and Wednesdays and every third Saturday (honest, it makes sense) — winter holidays’ weeks this will increase.

Please apply via email to starcatbooks@starcatbooks.com — messages on Facebook sometimes get sidelined and I don’t want to miss your missive. Instagram messages: same deal. Yes, I’m “old.” But I also still code my own websites. 🤣

157 Main Street
Bradford, VT
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