What’s up with the Neil Gaiman Signed Book Auction


I got delayed photographing the books, what with my right knee going splah & I needed to get it drained (yeah, icky) and injected with cortecosteroids. I couldn’t bend it and sit in chair properly, more or less kneel to photograph the books properly. (BTW, the outcome of the whole knee debacle is I’m going to have complete replacement in February. Whee!)

I still can’t really kneel, but I think I can photograph them tomorrow or the next day, and set up the pages in Ultimate WordPress Auction for our website (which is a WordPress site). Which may be tricky, as we somehow need to get them all to be separate pages—the ISP needs to run the site as multiple clones so we don’t overload their servers with GAIMAIN!!! Which means each page will be a separate entity.

If there’s anyone out there with an idea how I do this using Ultimate WordPress Auction, please please please send me an Comment or email. Otherwise, I may just have to throw it at my ISP and ask them to do it for me because I’m stupid at this stuff sometimes, even though back in the day I wrote for BYTE Magazine, dammit.

So it’s chugging along, and we’ll get this auction going soonish. I want to get it going before November 6th, which is our big in-store sale day for what the town calls Midnight Madness—a town-wide sale going all night long. We’ll have The Mudlarks from Hanover here to play, and my friend James Macdonald doing magic. And of course sales! It’s going to be a gas. But I want the auction started before then, as I’ll be busy like crazy next week getting stuff reading for Midnight Madness.

Watch this blog for more information as it comes!

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