Shameless Plugging

It’s that time again to remind people that the only way indie bookstores stay in business is if you BUY from us. We can’t compete with Amazon or B&N if you choose to buy from them rather than help keep an indie in business: local businesses keep money in the local and US economy — the large chains and behemoths like Amazon and B&N do not.

That said, there are three ways to buy from us!

1. Come in! Browse! Hang out! Buy books! Order books!

2. Call/email to see if we have books in stock, and otherwise order them through us. We do this every day and are happy to. We don’t charge for book searches!

3. Order through our online store! Free ground shipping no matter how small or large your order. Just about every book in print plus CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and gifts. And, of course, hardcover and paperback books!

Please HELP US STAY IN BUSINESS. Consider buying through us instead of other companies online!

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