Public Service Announcement!

PSA time (again):

I found a box of books abandoned on the doorstep of the store again today. I’ve asked, nay, begged people DO NOT DO THIS. There are a number of reasons, not least:

(1) I cannot pick up such a box. You’ve guaranteed it will trip up customers trying to enter the store for the next week until my husband can get here to move it. Also, it will probably rain, and the books will be ruined.

(2) I have to go through the books to make sure they’re ones we can use. You then have to take away the ones we can’t use. We do not have dump privileges as I am not a resident of Bradford. We are not a dump, ourselves.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate donated books, freely given, but I keep asking people not to do this, and it keeps happening. I have clearly marked hours (Tues-Sat 11-6) on the door, on FB, on our website.

If in doubt, you can always call 802-222-5826.

Thank you.

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